Bookham Bowling Club - Membership Details

Membership Details

Bookham Bowling Club


We welcome new members to the Club irrespective of whether they are new or experienced Bowlers.

For applicants who are new to the sport we offer a Coaching Programme as a preliminary to membership. This will enable an applicant to get a feel for what is involved before committing to full membership. The programme will run over a series of up to four sessions when our coaches will provide tuition on the features of the game and the playing skills involved. We ask for a fee of £10 for the Course.




Playing Members



Allows unlimited use of the Club’s playing facilities and Social Activities. There are no additional green or match fees.




Entrance Fee






Annual Subscription






The Entrance Fee is waived if an applicant has done the Coaching Course.


Junior Members



Under age 18; there is no Entrance Fee for Junior Members.




Annual Subscription




Social Members



Entitles members to enjoy all the facilities and activities undertaken at the Club other than Bowling.  Social Members may join our Short Mat Section.




Annual Subscription




May be obtained by contacting the Honorary Secretary:-     Tony Moore,

        5 Greenway,

        Bookham, KT23 3PA

        01372 452665

Or by downloading:   PLAYING MEMBER  – Application Form - Playing Member Rev 1.pdf

                                 SOCIAL MEMBER     - Application Form - Social Member Rev 3.pdf