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Team Selection

06 Apr 2024

2024 Season - Team Selection

The new season is almost upon us and I felt it would worthwhile to remind all of the selection process which we use for our external matches.

We have a number of competitive fixtures e.g. Top club, Tony Alcock, etc. etc. where we want to use our better bowlers( in the correct playing position e.g. Skip etc.) to represent the club.

The Captains and vice Captains (or nominated Team manager) will finalise these selections.

We will tend to use the handicap list as a guide, however we will be on a continuous look out for up and coming individuals and add them to our "talent" pool.

We also have competitions which are designed to encourage new bowlers to become involved in inter club competitions e.g the Chrystie league.

There is a wide range of "friendly" matches added to the notice board and you are encouraged to add your name to the lists (home and away!!) - a selection meeting is held on Friday mornings to finalise selection (records are kept to ensure that selection is evenly shared).

Please ask Lesley or myself if you have any questions.

Enjoy your season 

Steve James - Mens Captain